Support Local Agriculture at the Minocqua Farmers Market

The farming community, which is believed to have become a dying breed in this country, remains alive with markets like the Minocqua Farmers Market. Those who become Friends of the Minocqua Farmers Market are helping strengthen the local agricultural community by actively supporting the farming community.

The Minocqua Farmers Market is located at the Minocqua Park on Highway 70 West. Beginning in June, local farmers will be selling their fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits every Friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m until October.

The Minocqua Farmers Market is a unique experience for vendors and visitors alike. The market truly lives up to its name, as a farmers market. Whether it be rain or shine, local farmers will offer a variety of vegetables at harvest time. Other vendors will offer milk products, meat, flowers, baked goods and fresh honey. There are vendors who display multiple farm related craft items that are available. For those who are not sure as to the harvest time of fruits and vegetables, the harvest time is listed on their website at